Saturday, February 23, 2008

And then there was Riley Lynn....

All of us have had those moments...moments when we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are forever changed. On February 15th at 6:34 PM, Riley Lynn, my first granddaughter was born, and I can honestly say, the blessing of this precious baby has forever changed me. I have a new identity..."Grandma, Mema, MiMi, Nana...." Whatever this princess of our Heavenly Father chooses to call me will forever be music to my ears!

It has been my absolute privilege and joy to join Vanessa and her family as they snuggle little Riley and juggle life's demands at all hours of the night and day without thought of much else. Only a few days ago there was world travelling, presidential campaigns, American Idol....and then there was Riley Lynn. Isn't it amazing how true love can consume all our needs, wants, and narrow the focus of all our thoughts and energy! Yes, I'm head over heels in love once again. First, there was Sam, next came Vanessa, and now Riley Lynn. My heart is full and over flowing.