Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tracey in Two Worlds

I'm seriously considering renaming this blog as Thailand is truly only part of my life's adventure. I haven't really done the math, but if I did, I think that I'd discover that the time I've spent in Texas since Sam relocated is about equal to the time I've spent in Thailand. It's neither good nor bad...just is what it is.

As far as an update, the storms, both weather related and personal, have passed and with each day the future seems a bit brighter. As of today, the plan is for me to stay with Vanessa in Katy and be Riley's grand"nanny" until her semester at HCC is complete. In December, we'll relocate our girls to our town home in Corpus Christi and Vanessa will complete her education at either Del Mar Community College or Texas A&M. Once we have a support system in place, I'll return to Sam and begin counting the days until we're with our girls once again :)

You know, the more I think about it, I really do want to change this blog's title. How blessed I am to live in 2 worlds! Does anybody in my blogging world know about title changes?