Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jet Lag Thoughts....

It's 2:08 AM and I should be sleeping, but instead I find myself wide awake, starving, and thinking lonely thoughts from another time zone. Truthfully, I've been indulging myself in a pretty full blown pity party...thinking of all those I've recently left behind...remembering the tears I shed on the way home from the airport yesterday evening as I shared with Sam special moments from both Texas and California...and even more tears as we talked about the details of the move to Cape Town and the reality of leaving even more friends began to sink in.

Unfortunately for me, my brain has an incredibly annoying habit of "half empty" thinking.... I so wish I was a more natural optimist! At least I'm a pessimist who knows there's a better way. I'm thankful that even at this early morning hour with a let lagged mush brain, God has given me the discernment to recognize this dark hole for what it is and the desire to refuse the temptation to sink even deeper into melancholy.

The reality is that in one more day the movers will be six more days I'll be on a plane to Cape Town. The reality is that I'm truly blessed! Each move I've ever made from as far back as I can remember has always made my life richer and I'd be hard pressed to choose a person or experience to sacrifice. Even my recent "mugger moment" is precious to me in it's own way :) Life is a journey...whether you live in one place or many, the truth is we're all always movin' on. Fortunately, we're never traveling alone.