Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Steps to the End

There are moments in life when random things just kind of come together and deeper meaning is revealed in a way that I just have to believe isn't randomness at at all.

A couple of months ago, while reading a friends blog, I discovered the link to something called The Happiness Project. I was intrigued, clicked on it, read a bit, and decided that this was something good and subscribed to it.

Last week, my mom, who is new to the Internet world, successfully forwarded me a message that had been sent to her by a lifelong neighbor and friend. She told me how special it was and really encouraged me to take a look at it.

Back to The Happiness Project... It had been a challenging couple of days. Some days are like that! The issues I was dealing with seemed too big...that's when I read on the Project page about what I call baby steps, or a Japanese concept called "Kaizen". It's a way of achieving continuous improvement by taking baby steps...not really a new concept, but it was presented in a different sort of way and was one that I needed to be reminded of. The timing was perfect and helped me deal with my current worries in a realistic achievable way.

Finally, I had the time to check out Mom's mail and that's when these 2 seemingly random things came together in a perfect me perspective, inspiration and encouragement. Not to published, nor to be morbid, I'm working on writing what I hope my eulogy might someday be. Once I'm finished, I'm going to spend some quiet time being honest ...assessing if I'm living life, my "DASH" in a way I want to be remembered for. Jumping ahead, I already know the answer to that question. I have plenty of room for improvement! With God's grace and the help and encouragement of family and friends, I'll be taking baby steps to the end.

Wow! Talk about stopping me in my tracks. As I rereading my newly published post, I noticed the date and was vividly reminded with a flashback to the billowing Twin Towers of the value of a single day. Maybe, an appropriate baby step would be to live today like it was my end... the end of my "DASH" which might require taking huge giant leaps if there are things I've been putting off or want to be sure to do.... time to ponder and reflect.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Recap

Time flies! It's hard to believe that Sam and I've been in Cape Town 2 months now...for me, that's half the entire time I spent in KL! This posting is to once again give a very brief pictorial recap of the month. For my readers who don't choose to succumb to the crazy addictive world of facebook, here's the link to my latest album.
Just click on it , or as my mom says, "poke it" and it should give you a peek into our world. We love having you travel along with us and sharing in our adventures.

A view of our apartment building looking across Bantry Bay. Ours is the tan building in the middle with a green space to the left

Doesn't Sam look thrilled ? Actually, he was. After almost a month and a half, Asia Tiger finally arrived with our treasures...sure helps to make a house a home!

Unpacking and settling in has taken time, but we've also made it a point to continue exploring a little bit each weekend. The picture above was taken in Franschhoek at a wine estate about an hour from Cape Town.

Spring has sprung! To celebrate the moment and our relief from the mildly blustery winter, Sam and I hiked to the top of Lion's Head Mountain which is pretty much in our own backyard.

Another field trip that we enjoyed was to the quaint town of Kalk Bay. After wandering around town and exploring the harbor, we enjoyed a delicious meal in a restaurant that was right on the water....Not exactly Snoopy's, but special none the less :)

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