Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Icing on the Cake!

Three weeks ago yesterday, I began what has continued to be an amazing experience with the Thai health care system. I've been completely checked from head to toe and am thankful to report that I have a clean bill of health. However, I just have to share the icing on the cake from this whole experience. It was when the endocrinologist called me on a national holiday to report that the biopsy of my thyroid nodule turned out just fine. I couldn't believe it! First of all, I expected a call from his office staff rather than a personal call from him, and secondly, since there was no urgency in the report, I would have totally understood waiting until after the holiday to call. Anyway, enough about that...just glad it's behind me and that it was so painlessly easy for a medical procrastinator like me to catch up on all those important screenings!

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