Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beeee...autiful Blessings!

...just wanted to share a few pictures from Halloween. What a blessing it was to be with my girls to share yet another "first!" I'm convinced that there is no greater joy than experiencing the thrill of childhood once again, only this time through the eyes of Vanessa as she celebrates life with Riley.

Precious moments with Grandmommy's Honey Bee!

Posing for pictures before visiting friends

My Beeee...autiful Bees. Riley was a "busy" bee, Vanessa was the "queen" bee, and I joyfully chose to be the drone!

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Kathy Luthringer said...

CUTE pictures. It makes me look forward to becoming a grandmother on Dec. 30 all the more! Kristin and James have the baby room all ready. Babies grow so fast as we can clearly see from your pictures.
I know Vanessa will become a wonderul nurse. I'll be praying for her plans to be successful.