Thursday, April 9, 2009

...Easter's on its way!

A very special picture of Uncle Ed and Dad ...Three generations later, Riley Lynn hippity hopping down the bunny trail gathering treats for her basketOn a list of random facts you might not know about me would be that Easter's my favorite holiday.
As a child, my love of the holiday was because I looked forward to all things pretty and new like spring colored Easter dresses with hats, shoes, socks, and purses to match. I just loved the sweetness of fluffy lambs, downy ducks, and baby bunnies and can still remember dreaming of delicious See's chocolates and sugary Peeps. I'd be so excited about my beautifully wrapped basket filled with tiny treasures and eggs hiding here, there, and everywhere that I wouldn't be able to sleep on Easter eve! I still love all those things....

Now, I also love that Easter's a time when the world hears the truth that Christians celebrate everyday...the truth of promises kept and the blessing of hope Jesus has given us all. As I sit here writing this, I find myself wondering the differences I could make if I awakened on Easter morning and every morning, with the same eager anticipation I felt as a child, ready to search for and discover the day's blessings and opportunities God has already prepared for my basket of life before I was even born. Something for me to think about...

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Anonymous said...

Great analogy - as always!
Happy Easter.
With bunny hugs, Lori