Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Recap

Time flies! It's hard to believe that Sam and I've been in Cape Town 2 months now...for me, that's half the entire time I spent in KL! This posting is to once again give a very brief pictorial recap of the month. For my readers who don't choose to succumb to the crazy addictive world of facebook, here's the link to my latest album.
Just click on it , or as my mom says, "poke it" and it should give you a peek into our world. We love having you travel along with us and sharing in our adventures.

A view of our apartment building looking across Bantry Bay. Ours is the tan building in the middle with a green space to the left

Doesn't Sam look thrilled ? Actually, he was. After almost a month and a half, Asia Tiger finally arrived with our treasures...sure helps to make a house a home!

Unpacking and settling in has taken time, but we've also made it a point to continue exploring a little bit each weekend. The picture above was taken in Franschhoek at a wine estate about an hour from Cape Town.

Spring has sprung! To celebrate the moment and our relief from the mildly blustery winter, Sam and I hiked to the top of Lion's Head Mountain which is pretty much in our own backyard.

Another field trip that we enjoyed was to the quaint town of Kalk Bay. After wandering around town and exploring the harbor, we enjoyed a delicious meal in a restaurant that was right on the water....Not exactly Snoopy's, but special none the less :)

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Kathy Luthringer said...

Wow. You have captured some really neat photos of the landscape around you. We all need to just take a moment and look around to see the wonders God gave us. I'm just excited about 70 degree mornings here in Houston!
Keep up your photos and journaling, I'm riding on your coat tail! love to you and Sam