Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lessons from the River

As Sam and I were floating down the historic River Kwai on Tuesday, I had this heightened sense of awareness that I was experiencing a once in a lifetime moment that I needed to savor. I pray I'll never forget the blessing of the quiet...the lush tropical landscape... cool river water... looming limestone cliffs... and the shared adventure of floating past water buffaloes resting along the river's edge.

Being so aware of the transient nature of life, I began to wonder how many far more important moments had I failed to appreciate with this same intensity. Things like the first time I said bedtime prayers aloud together with Vanessa, or maybe the first time she ate her first chocolate chip cookie. I know these were both moments of pure joy, but to honest, I probably took them for granted trusting that there would be many more prayers... Then there are all the last times that escaped me like the last night I said good night to my dad. Even though I knew our time together was limited, I fully expected to have at least a few more days. Had I only known that that last night was my last opportunity...

Although I know it's impossible to live life as "all knowing", I can savor the experiences and commit to living them thoughtfully. What a blessing it was to be so aware of the gift I'd been given to experience Thailand in that special way. All of life is a gift...full of precious moments that God has placed in our paths. I pray for the wisdom to slow things down a bit...kind of like floating on a river... so that I recognize and take time to appreciate God's goodness.

There are 2 new albums posted on Shutterfly. They are actually under construction as I've not had time to add the text. One album has pictures of my students, and the other contains the snapshots from our bike tour. Enjoy!

P.S. I'm so excited to share that Sam and I will be home for Christmas! I'll be arriving on Dec. 1st. Sam will come into town on the 15th, and we'll both leave together on the 28th. Though it seems like a long visit, at least for me, I know it'll fly by! We'll be taking time when Sam first arrives to visit his family in Missouri (Dec. 17-21). Then, we'll be in Corpus Christi on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day...until we leave on the 28th. I know it's a busy time for all, but I hope we can seize some precious moments to spend together. How we miss you all!


JulieC said...

Thank you SO much for your comment on my site and the offer for using the condo--that is FAR to generous! We would LOVE to spend a weekend down there maybe when the weather warms up again in spring. As always, you overflow with the sweetness of Christ's love. You are a true blessing!

Terri said...

Wahoo!!!! Can't wait to see you and Sam again! What great reflections on savoring moments.... you have always been good at doing that; making every moment special and every moment count. You are so loved.

David Michael said...

tweet tweet tweet, tweet tweet tween tweet tweet,......

What an incredible opportunity!

It is probably a good thing that we do not remember moments in our life with the clarity of when it happenned. We would probably all be manic because after the "chocalate chip cookie," a tragedy would happen. Then we would experience this memory with the pain equal to the pleasure of the good memory.

Maybe that is why God promised us that there would be "no tears in heaven."