Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Just for the record, even though I'm in Thailand, I'm maintaining the Bell family tradition of hotdogs on Halloween....afraid that I'd have 7 years of bad luck or something dreadful like that if I dared stray away now :) Actually, I'm not alone in this celebration. I've been amazed at how the holiday has been embraced and promoted by the local merchants. I don't think I'd be exagerating if I claimed that it may be an even bigger deal here as I can't ever recall seeing a larger than life pumpkin patch in front of Houston's Galleria (...for my nonTexan readers that's one of the city's very upscale shopping centers). The kids in my apartment building are being treated to a party in the lobby by the apartment's management and everyone has been invited to dress in "fancy" costumes and "play" trick or treat. Such fun and of course such sweet memories!

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