Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a Day!

Years from now, I'm sure that I'll remember Aug. 6 as a turning point in our African adventure. I'd been looking forward to yesterday for almost a month ...actually counting the days as it was the first opportunity I was going to have to meet with the International Women's Club. It's been my experience since moving to Bangkok, that groups like these are a good first step in making friends and becoming a part of the community. I was not disappointed. Before the meeting even began, I was introduced to 2 lovely American women who immediately befriended me and welcomed me into their world. Believe me, in my head, I was doing a dance of joy thanking God for the blessing of friendship. After the meeting, we enjoyed having lunch together...sharing in the fast forward sort of way expats do. Then, to make an already perfect day even better, Sam and I were invited to attend the first ever gathering of the American Society of South Africa that was being held at a local restaurant that evening. Of course we seized the opportunity! I can still hardly believe it, but as a result of lunch with my new friends, we already have plans for Thanksgiving dinner and an invitation to enjoy an evening early in December at the American Consulate. What a day...what a truly remarkable day!


Anonymous said...

That is truly wonderful that you have made connections in your new homeland. I have no doubt that you will thrive there are you have in the past 2 adventures.


Kathy Luthringer said...

I am so glad you found some expats who can share their experiences with you as you and Sam tread through another part of God's earth. Your view of what is 'real' and unexpected, I'm sure, is changing.....Even bad experiences in the future will be viewed differently as you look back to see what transpired. Many prayers go out for your safety and happiness.

Steve Larson said...


Just loogged on the the 'Tracey in Wherever' blog site to see if it was still active - and lo, and behold, there you are! Great pictures - you should become a travel photographer.

Susan and I just returned from a nice long weekend trip in Portland, OR. Cool weather in August, what a blessing! Earlier this month Susan, Katie and I went to London for a week. Another highlight laden trip. We all had a great time, but man what a lot of walking we did.

Katie started school this week. She now has a boyfriend. A nice boy from church that goes to Faith West. As you can imagine, she is doing great.

We saw Vanessa and Riley a couple of weeks ago - in between our travels. She (Vanessa) seems to be doing well. She is on a diet/exercise regime that is beginning to show results. I know you will be pleased.

Keep the posts coming. Tell Sam hi for me.