Friday, August 28, 2009

Even Princesses Fall Down...a prayer for all princesses everywhere!

I just love this picture of Riley Lynn. It was taken to capture her joy in getting a new tiara and princess shoes. From what Vanessa has shared, Riley has discovered a new love for high heeled shoes. As cute as she was modeling all her royal accessories, it was her face that captured my attention and led to this prayerful blog.

Father, as I sit writing this blog I realize that it isn't a blog at all, but rather prayerful thoughts to you for Riley, her mommy, me ...for all your princesses everywhere. It's my prayer that everyday of our lives we grow in our knowledge and belief that we truly are your princesses, not in a spoiled diva worldly sort of way, but humbly, as your daughters and joint heirs to a heavenly inheritance.

Father, I pray that each of us, as we mature in our own time and in our own way, acknowledges and confesses that by our own efforts, there is no perfect princess among us. I pray that we'll all always lavishly shower each other with grace knowing that even princesses fall down... Father, you know that some of our falls are accidents. Others are because of the choices we make. Regardless of the reason, they leave us with bruises, cuts, scars .... even broken hearts. No matter how badly we're hurt, Father, I pray we'll always have and accept the love and comfort we need ...especially your holy compassion and grace that makes us perfect in your sight.

As I look at this picture of Riley, this precious little bruised princess of yours, I can't help but pray that all the princesses in your kingdom, including Riley's grandmommy, aka Vanessa's mom, aka me, will live grateful lives, always striving to honor you, the King of Kings...that all who know us will glorify you because our lives are a reflection of you and your perfect love.

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