Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Most Precious Gift

Trying to put into words my feelings on this day of celebration. My godfather, my Uncle Simon, passed away this morning. I'm sad that our paths won't ever be crossing here again, but count myself so blessed and will forever celebrate his life and legacy. To honor him, I want to share the most precious
of many treasured memories...
the gift Uncle Simon gave me every time we were together.
Simply put, it was the gift of love, but it's how he expressed his love that I'll forever cherish. It was like he threw me a party as he welcomed me into his arms. He celebrated me for being me!
Could there be a more precious gift ?
What a beautiful legacy
of a most special man.

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Stevie said...

He certainly touched many lives; so loved by your whole family. Our loss is sad - but his suffering is ended. Celebrating that he is in a better place... partying with your Dad! Hugs...