Monday, November 19, 2007

Counting the Days!

10 more days and I'll be home! Can you tell that I'm just a little excited? It's not that I need to get away from Bangkok...I'm really becoming quite accustomed to this humongous city and it's bizzare sights, but rather that I can't wait to be with family and friends. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...the Emerald City was beautiful, but there's no place like home!

I know it's a busy time of year, but I'm hoping to snatch as many times as I can at Starbucks or maybe even El Jarito/Los Cucos...just to enjoy the moments with everyone. Once I'm in town, I'll be available on my cell# 832-248-5352.

FYI- So far this is what our schedule looks like...

Dec. 1 Tracey arrives in Houston at 5:36PM
Dec.2-15 Flexible...a portion of this time will need to be spent regrouping in Corpus Christi, but of course I'll want as much time as possible with Vanessa, family, and friends.
Dec. 15 Sam arrives in Houston at 5:40PM (S&T Holiday Inn)
Dec. 16 Baby shower for Vanessa (S&T Holiday Inn)
Dec. 17 Sam and Tracey drive to Missouri
Dec. 18-21 Visit family in Missouri
Dec.21 Sam and Tracey drive back to Texas
Dec. 22-25 Christmas with Vanessa (We'll be at the Reeds as they've graciously let us borrow their home while they're in Big Springs with Lauren's family)
Dec. 25-27 Corpus Christi...Sam needs a day to putter at "home"
Dec. 27 Spend the night in Katy at Holiday Inn...very early flight on the 28th!
Dec. 28 Sam and Tracey travel back to Bangkok...I don't even want to think about leaving again. Wish you all could come with us!
Dec. 30 Arrive in Bangkok at midnight
Dec. 31 Happy New Year!!

I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself wishing you all a Happy New Year...instead I need to be sure that you know that as I'm counting my blessings this Thanksgiving, you can be sure that you'll all be lifted up in prayer. Sam, Vanessa and I are very grateful for each of you and the blessing you are in our lives.


The Mama said...

I assume you're renting a car? If not, I've got dibs on the airport. Any way I can talk you and Sam into spending the night with us on the 27th? We are about 75 minutes from IAH.

I want to schedule a play date! Give me a time and place and I'll be there!


Thailand Tracey said...

Daphne- You are so sweet! Actually, Vanessa and Trey will be meeting me at the airport. I think that most of the time I'll be using her car...will rent one if necessary. About the 27th, I think we'll stay in Katy that evening as that will be our last night with Vanessa. Thanks so much for the offer though. We for sure will have to schedule a time between the 1st and the 15th! Can't wait to see you!

The Mama said...

Gosh, what is it about kids and grandkids. Friends slide right on down that list. :(

You know I'm just kidding! I'm confident Vanessa will be at the first 'open' area where she can see you come through the gate!

Right now my schedule thru the 15th is pretty empty. Sub job on the 10th. I should sweet talk Rick into letting me run to Corpus Christi with you!

Counting ....


David Michael said...

"Just a few more days, we'll be filled with praise."

Lauren said...

I'm sad that Scott and I just barely missed you. We're here in Katy for Thanksgiving. Hope you have the best of holidays and a wonderful trip home. :)