Thursday, November 8, 2007

A New Day...A New Adventure!

I'm a bit rushed for time, but wanted to write once more before I headed out to Udon Thani, a city in North East Thailand where the Voice of America was broadcast from during the Vietnam War. First of all, each of my days since my very bad day have been absolutely wonderful in every way! Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers. I've now officially taught English for a week and am in heaven. The pre-k and kindergarten students are like little sponges. If I can sing it, they can learn it...or at least repeat it!

This weekend, I'll be experiencing several new right after another! The first adventure will be flying an "off brand" Thai airline to my destination of Udon Thani. Fortunately, I'll have lots of women from the American Women's Club to keep me company. I'm not really nervous. Just trusting that if the airline wasn't safe, the club wouldn't have selected it.

The next adventure involves teaching English again, but this time to high school girls who have received scholarships from the club to pay for this year's tuition. The club works together with the Peace Corp to sponsor this annual English camp for about 200 girls. I'm excited to be seeing a new area of Thailand and to be working with the Peace Corp. Many of you will probably remember that it's always been one of my dreams to be a PCV (the local lingo for Peace Corp Volunteer). This may be as close as I'll ever get to fulfilling that dream so of course, I'm bringing my camera to record the moments. Be on the look out for new pictures some time next week.

Speaking of being on the look out, Sam should be home in about 30 minutes. Yeah! It'll be so good to see him, however we're going to have to visit fast since I'll be leaving tomorrow morning. I'll be back on Sunday evening, but he leaves for Batam on Monday morning... just ships passing in the night! I guess it's all part of the wonderful adventure called life. (22 more days !!)


David Michael said...

Wow Tracey! That is an amazing swing in a week. It is encouraging to hear of your adventure. When you are using your gifts, it is a beautiful thing!

David Michael said...

Please give us a detailed itenerary to the hour. It is hard to keep up with you on the other side of te world! :)


Kathy Luthringer said...

Is there anything we can do for Vanessa? Did you take your telephone directory of us you could call on? \
Love to all,

Thailand Tracey said...

David and Phyllis,
Go Katy Tigers!! I hope it's a loooonnnnnng post season.
As far as a detailed itinerary, that would be hard to share as we don't even know when and where we're supposed to be! Sam left on Sunday before I got home rather than Monday...he got his departure mixed up with another trip! I do know that I'll be home on Dec. 1st at 5:36 PM. Vanessa is going to meet me at the airport and we'll take it from there!
Love you guys!

Kathy, you're so sweet to be thinking of Vanessa. She's doing well. You can be sure we're all counting the days until I get home. 17 more days! Maybe we can do coffee and catch up with each other some time during the 1st week of December. Could you please send me your email address.
Love you,

Robert said...

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