Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Life is Good!

As of today, I've been in Thailand for 2 months. What a difference time can make! After 1 month, I do remember sobbing and telling Sam, "I hate it here..." Believe me, it wasn't a pretty conversation. But in my defense, there was a lot going on and it's hard to adjust to anywhere when your heart is elsewhere. Given the depths of those feelings though, it's nothing short of miraculous that today, 1 month later, I can honestly say, "I love my life here." Maybe time was all I needed, but I also have to believe the difference is as a result of all the prayers that have been faithfully offered on my behalf. The peace I feel about where I am and what's happening in the life of my family is truly a gift.

The most exciting thing that has happened this week is that an opportunity to teach English to children who live in one of Bangkok's poorest slum areas is open to me. I'm going to visit and observe at the school tomorrow. If you're interested in finding out more about the group I may be working with you can go to . I emphasized may because I know this can't be about me and what I want. To make this kind of commitment, it has to be a God thing. I'll keep you posted.

Another bright spot in my "Bangkok life" is my association with the American Woman's Club. It has been a joy to join these lovely ladies in both their service and social activities. They have welcomed me warmly and invited me to join them as we all strive to make where we are home for whatever time we have to share it together.

Last, but certainly not least, I love my life here because I'm with Sam. It goes with out saying that the empty nest is certainly a challenge, yet it's life... all part of the journey we started over 30 years ago. I remember that back in the early days of our marriage when Texas was new and so far from California, Sam and I had to count on each other in a special way. The same is happening once again and because of it, our relationship is closer than ever. How blessed I am to be sharing life and living it to the fullest with my best friend...and getting to bring my entire family and all my friends from all my former homes along via the internet! Life is good!


The Mama said...

I can remember a day when I wondered how Rick and I would survive when the kids were gone. What would we do? What would we talk about?

Many long and wonderful years later, we are having a wonderful time! Today is our 26th anniversary and we enjoy just being together - whether we are actually doing the same thing at the same time or just in the same general vicinity. This blessing is the result of WORKING on our marriage through many years of parenting, building the house, and growing in Christ.

I pray my kids will see the joy we have and remember to hold to that example through their own rough times - because there will be rough times. It is worth it. God will bring you through if you let Him and the later years are more fun than you could have imagined when you began.

To God be the Glory!

Lauren said...

I have to confess, I feel like a bit of an idiot. I kept checking your blog to see if you had updated and I kept seeing that same picture and Thai phrase pop up, so I thought you hadn't updated. Then I was reading Daphne's blog and she said something in a post about you writing about the universal sounds of children playing and I though, "huh?" So I came back to your page and actually scrolled down! Ahh! You've posted tons! So, now I'm all caught up.

So glad you're adjusting to life in Thailand. I'll be praying that God will show you an outlet for ministry (maybe this opportunity teaching English?).

Now I know that that picture and Thai phrase is just part of the blog, so I'll be commenting much more often!

Love ya,
Lauren :)