Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Middle of the night phone calls

It used to be that I dreaded middle of the night phone calls. Thank goodness I hadn't had that many before moving to Thailand, but when one did interrupt my dreams, my heart would always be racing as I just knew really bad news was coming. That was then. Now I love them because it usually means Vanessa, though being a very bright mathematician, hasn't stopped to figure out the time difference, and is calling me just because...just because I'm Mom and she wants to share something, usually good news like being excited about a lunch date with a special friend, something that makes my heart glad. How thankful I am that I live in a world where it is so easy to reach out and touch someone make their day just by saying Hi! I'm thinking of you.
Speaking of reaching out, I'm so impressed with the technology skills of those of who have reached out and commented on my blog as I've still not figured out how to do that! Yesterday, I was trying to leave a comment on a friend's blog but couldn't get the right combination of user name/password. I don't have a Google acct., but of course I do have a Blogger acct. What they want in order to publish a comment? Maybe, with a bit more patience, I could have figured it out, but my was patience was spent at the bank yesterday morning as Sam and I tried to navigate the Thai banking laws in order to establish a local account. Let's just say that we left the apartment at 7:30 AM, didn't leave the bank until noon, and Sam just got a phone call from them today that the account is ready to be funded. With any luck, after a call to the states tonight requesting a wire transfer, the account will be good to go. Wish us luck!

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