Friday, September 28, 2007


Yeah it's Friday! Friday is "soul food" night in least for Sam and me. On most nights, being the oldies that we are, we stay in. Oh, we may go for a walk in the park, but we don't go out on the town, which is really kind of a shame, since that's when the city comes alive in a unique way. Anyway, I totally look forward to Fridays because as of about 4 weeks ago, we discovered the best (well, best for Thailand) Tex Mex restaurant called Charley Browns. I literally dream about their fresh salsa and chips, cheesy chicken enchiladas .... and crispy shredded beef tacos topped with a dollop of real sour cream! Believe me, this food comforts us in an almost spiritual way. Even last week when I was under the weather, we were still able to do Charley Browns by using the internet and ordering from the following site:
Just for fun, you ought to check it out and view the menus from over 70 restaurants in Bangkok. For 60 baht (@ $3.00), they'll deliver from any of these restaurants in 1 hour or residents of Bangkok, that is!
Well, I'd better go freshen up for my night out on the town.

P.S. Go Katy Tigers! (Fridays in September will forever bring precious memories of good times with dear friends spent in a sea of red shouting for our favorite team)

P.S.S. I'll get back with you on my visit to the school in the slum of Klong Toey...but just to keep you in the know, I'm going to begin teaching English to Pre-K and K students as soon as they return from their semester break. Thai students go to school from May- February with a semester break in October. I'm so excited! :) :) :)


Stevie said...

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Tracey!
Happy Birthday to You!

Terri said...

Ditto Stevie!

I am going to attempt my first overseas phone call today, though I realize now I should have called you last night for it to be your birthday. You are in my thoughts every day. I'm glad you are feeling more at home, and are intent on making it your home while you are there. I knew you would grow to love it, mostly because you love Sam and he's there :>

The Mama said...

Happy Birthday a bit late! Pretty typical for me! But seriously, I haven't had access to the computer. I'm trying to get caught up. I also love reading a blog that sounds as if you are becoming, not just more acclimated, but happy and 'at home.' I am so excited to read that you are going to start teaching! What a blessing for those children! I know you will feel blessed as well as this has always been a ministry for you. I hope you enjoyed your Friday night - it's almost here again! - and I look forward to your next blog. I expect they will get wonderfully entertaining once you go back to school!

Love you!!

David Michael said...

St. T-racey,

Doesn't God work in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform on us!

I am very excited about your new mission to the children of Thailand. I know in the "back of your mind," through your heart ache, tears, and pain -- that you knew children were in your future. You are full of too much love to not share it!